Learn the secret behind
building a powerful and protected Medical Aesthetics practice in 2022. 


Join us for the The Diamondhands Accelerator Method 1.0 to learn how to build practice value through personal development, leading and inspiring your team and how to strategize for estate planning, business succession and retirement. 

November 1-8| 6PM EST 


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In this webinar we will cover

There is a new energy taking over Medical Aesthetics, will you be a part of the movement? The Diamondhands Accelerator method puts you in an exclusive club....

There is a reason that our clients are operating with peace of mind and building long term value in their Medspas...


And, in our 8-day live, interactive workshop starting November 1, we are showing you exactly how it’s done.

If you are a Medspa Owner, Dermatologist, Nurse Practitioner or Plastic Surgeon who wants to accelerate your value by building a powerful and protected practice in 2022, join us for a free workshop where we will teach you how to:

  • Attract and keep the best talent in the industry through events, elevated branding and social media

  • How to continuously inspire your team to perform at a high level 

  • The important metrics that you should be tracking in your business for success

  • Explore retirement strategies in order to make sure you maintain the lifestyle you want after you have exited your business

  • What to do in order to create well thought out estate plans to protect your family and business

  • Plan for your future business exit and the options that you have