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Public Speaking

Creating aesthetic finances one client at a time. 




Leslie Tracey, Founder & Principal of Tracey Donavan Insurance and Retirement Services

Over the past 5 years, Leslie Tracey has helped hundreds of individuals, couples and families with the challenges of planning for the future. Each client brings a unique set of needs and goals and yet she has understands that there are patterns which exist among them all. Daughter of a Minister and a Superintendent of Public Schools, Leslie has always had a natural affinity for teaching and has spoken on various financial topics at churches, community events, corporations and has recently branched into financial education at Aesthetic Schools. 

If you would like to have her conduct a presentation or teaching track for your organization, send our team an email with what you are looking for and we will do our best to accommodate you virtually or in person. 

Topics Spoken On:

  • Ladies Are You Financially Fit?

  • The Couple's Guide to Financial Fidelity

Specialized Topics for Aesthetics:

  • Ladies, Create Aesthetic Finances

  • Who Is On Your Wealth Team?

  • The Medical Aesthetics Owner's Guide to Personal Wealth & Business Protection

Other topics available by request. 

Notable Speaking Engagements